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Our Rating

Pearl limo bus is rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 58 reviews

Reviews (58)

We have had excellent experiences with this company time and time again. The party limo buses are always a big hit with all of our friends. Whether going uptown or staying local splitting the cost makes it cheaper than an uber ride for the evening, and we all get to ride and hang out together. We used the limo on my birthday and had wonderful service all the way around, from pickup to drop off it's a blast and money well spent for a fun safe night out. Would use this business again and highly recommend!!

This party bus was amazing!!!!

They showed up on time and was very patient while we got our party group together! The ride was so smooth I forgot we were even on a moving bus.

This was the best birthday party I ever had and my friends think I’m a rockstar thanks to the Pearl Party Limo Bus. No other party bus can compare.

Brian was excellent to deal with and provided us with the perfect bus for our large sporting event Travel and entertainment needs. Our driver was helpful and the party bus was perfect for our event. We had an excellent time and will use Pearl Limo again when the need arises.

Brian was wonderful to work with! He accomodated our last minute birthday outting and was prompt and courteous in his communication. The pricing was very reasonable and we had a fantastic evening! Thank you again!

Great rates and the owner was super easy to contact. The were early and were on time for pickup!

best service ever!!!! driver had no problem with any request!!! i strongly recommend

Pearl Limo is wonderful. Great rates and quality service. Our driver Bryan was outstanding!! Friendly, professional and a great photographer as well! Would definitely use Pearl again and would request Bryan every time.

Brian was very nice and responsive from our first contact to the day of my bachelorette party. The bus was perfect, equipped with plenty of water and ice (which came in super handy) and a pole for a night of fun! Our driver, Mike, was the best dealing with 8 crazy girls ready to party the night away. Would highly recommend this company for your party bus needs!

absolutely recommend! we needed a last minute party bus so I called the Wednesday the week of the Saturday we needed it. everyone was great to work with, pricing was super reasonable, the bus was great, and our bus driver Elizabeth was even better. thank you again!

Brian was more than helpful the entire time. Even though there were some hiccups along the way, he ensured me my friends and family would have a great time. I was able to surprise my boyfriend with an awesome night and lasting memories. The bus was clean and stocked, we had plenty of room. Thank you again and I hope to work with you again in the future.